Monday, August 20, 2012

Sammy Terry and Elvira - Halloween Superstars!

Anyone who is over the age of 30 knows who Sammy Terry and Elvira are.  Sammy Terry reigned as King Vampire over the television show "Nightmare Theater" and of course, Elvira is the Mistress of Darkness from television.

I remember staying up as a child on Saturday nights to watch Sammy Terry emerge from his coffin and host the horror flick of the week.  Back then, the movies weren't as graphic, violent, bloody, or rated like they are today.  Frankenstein, The Werewolf, the Mummy, Count Dracula and so many other creatures came to life every weekend and entered into our living rooms through the magical box called television.  Sammy Terry still has the capabilities of thrilling and frightening the best of us with his vampire wit and shenanigans.

Elvira,  Mistress of the Darkness, emerged several years after Sammy Terry.  This overly sexy witch with her raven black hair and chilling laugh brought terror and laughter to children and adults everywhere and at the same time.  Children clamored to the stores to buy witch costumes at Halloween, teenage girls tried to dress like Elvira, and many tried to emulate her sexy, devilish, witchery voice to entice and thrill.  Elvira can still conjure up magic for many and especially at Halloween time.

Memories of Halloween trick or treating, watching scary movies, going on hayrides, carving pumpkins, decorating the house and yard, bobbing for apples and telling ghost stories are some of my favorite memories as a child.  Elvira and Sammy Terry were two of the characters who helped to form my childhood and opinions of Halloween.  They will always remain a memory associated with lots of fun and even more candy!  Give your children memories this Halloween.  Whether it be of a Halloween Party, trick or treating, watching a scary movie, or of "The Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown", children just want to enjoy their time and holidays doing special memorable activities with their parents, families and friends.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Angry Birds vs The Avengers!!!

This original entry was made about a month ago, now it is not quite 2 months away from Halloween and to help get everyone into the spirit of things, I have an exclusive opportunity for you for the period of 9/2/2012 till 9/8/2012 at Target.  I have agreed to partner with Target for this Halloween season to promote a safe season for all children.  By doing so, they have given me this opportunity to offer some special savings to my readers.  

Please remember as we choose and wear our costumes and dress our children for trick or treating and parties, to include reflective strips of tape on costumes, pick colors which are visible, add glow sticks or bracelets as accessories.  Even a black Dracula cape can be accessorized with a few strips of silver reflective tape without losing it's vampirish appeal!   Think safe, plan safe, be safe, enjoy the season!!
Halloween 2012 is still three months away, yet the hype for the seasonal contests for best costumes and most popular costumes has started.  It looks like it will be a real battle between the Angry Birds and The Avengers!  Of course, those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Disney Brave Princess are looking to be some of the preferred costumes of the year also.

The older children, and that includes those who are still children at heart who dress up for Halloween, and couples have several favorites to choose from.  Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Frankenstein and his Bride, Biker Couple, Alice and the Mad-Hatter, and the Twilight Cast are a few of the most popular.

Last but not least, those members of the families which we like to call our pets can choose from a vast assortment of pet costumes.  Underdog, Lady Dogga, Lady is a Tramp, Wiener in a Bun, Superman and various other stylish and/or ghoulish attire is available for the pet who trick or treats with their master. . . or for the pet who is standing guard over the candy bowl all night!!!

Whether purchasing a costume, renting one or making your own home made, individually inspired design for a costume this year, be sure to check out all the different possibilities available.  Enjoy Halloween, take time to look around at others costumes, decorations and spooky attractions.  Visit a Haunted House, have a costume party, take in a scary movie, tell some ghost stories, trick or treat, bob for apples, enjoy a hay ride, and make some great memories!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hulu - Huluween 2010

Looking for some great slasher, scarrific, halloween flicks - then you should check out

Hulu - Huluween 2010

From someone who has just started using Hulu, due to Comcast's requiring use of their own digital box even if you bought a digital tv so you didn't have to have a box - oh well, that's a totally different story of it's own - so anyway, I have been checking out Hulu. My shows I normally watched on TV at specified times and days I have found that I can watch on Hulu when I choose the day and time to watch them. Not only that, but I can hook this laptop of mine up to my new big screen digital tv that should not have to have a box to show digital, and volai' - I am watching my shows on my big screen tv with the surround sound system on and don't need Comcast is what I don't need -

Just for everyone's info, this Huluween collection of flicks by Hulu has some great Halloween movies to watch. So turn down the lights, grab a beer or soda and big bowl of popcorn and sit down and get prepared to get scared!!!!

Just Me Granny D

Friday, October 15, 2010

Granny D's Treat Tip for Halloween!

Great reading for Halloween!!!  Give a child a book instead of candy for a treat this year!  Inspire reading in children with books for treats and subject matter of the books matching the holidays is always a good idea as their interest is already in the spirit of the holiday!  Happy Halloween and Enjoy!!!

Haunted Houses, Halloween, Haunted House, Costumes -

Want to find a haunted house to visit this halloween? Would you like to find that perfect halloween costume and party? This website offers listings of haunted houses and attractions in all areas. Check here to find one closest to you or to plan your halloween party at that spoooperfect haunted site!! Enjoy!!!

Haunted Houses, Halloween, Haunted House, Costumes -

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